Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a farming model that allows people to buy their food directly from a local farmer. The most important feature of Community Supported Agriculture is that the consumer who wants to buy products from the farm has provided the farmer the security of early season capital by pre-purchasing the farmer’s products.

What is a CSA Sharing? A CSA Sharing is a product that the consumer pays in advance and buys directly from the farm. In this sharing model, fresh products can be purchased or shipped from the farm every week.

What is a CSA Member? When a person purchases a CSA Sharing, the connection between the farmer and the consumer is established. This connection is to provide consumers with the best quality, fresh, nutritious and carefully grown food. This interdependence is the reason why the person who bought a CSA Stock is considered more than just a customer. Consumers become part of the farm by purchasing and are called “Members”.

Büyükannem pays the “share” of the farmer or “parts” of the shares directly to the farmer during a specified delivery period (for example: weekly sent food).

This sharing is a nutrition system that supports communities and establishes positive and active relationships between the consumer and the producer. It allows small-scale farmers like Büyükannem and us to grow and serve local seasonal food in an environment dominated by large-scale brokers across the country.

Community Supported Agriculture

As a CSA member, you can play a direct role in stimulating our local nutrition system. In return, we guarantee you to get the freshest product possible.