Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any change in your product list? Are vegetables and fruits available all year round?

Our vegetable and fruit varieties may differ depending on the harvest due to the growing seasons. We share with you the information of the product that does not have that season on our site. For more detailed information, you can contact us at

How will I contact you?

You can contact us at If you have questions that you want to get answers to instantly, you can reach us from the phone numbers written in the contact section.

How will I make the payment?

You can pay by Credit Card or Money Transfer method. We do not use the cash on delivery method.

By what method do you deliver the products to the customer?

We deliver the products to you in a fresh way with domestic cargo cooperation.
Shipping costs are collected from you at the time of ordering.

What should I do if a situation such as crushing, deterioration or breakage occurs in the product that reaches my address?

In case of crushing, deterioration, etc. during the shipment of the product, it will be sufficient to take a picture of the product and send it to on the day the shipment arrives. We will resend the product to you according to our harvest status.

What does pre-order mean?

By creating a pre-order for a product that is not harvest time, it will be sent to you on condition that priority is given to you first. When purchasing the product, please pay by considering the harvest date.

If you have any other questions please contact us.